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Vi Mixing Tips Anyone?

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Posted 15 October 2006 - 12:26 AM

Hey everyone,

Forum noob so be gentle. :blush:

I'm wondering if I'm missing the boat on mixing. Everything I do is done with software. Currently I'm using Logic and only Logic. I'm confused as to why I've heard I should be bouncing my midi regions to audio. Does this apply only as far as mastering goes (which of course I would understand), or is this something I should also be doing during the mixing process? The way I do it now is that I basically mix as I go. At the end of a typical arrangement I've got 8-10 audio instrument tracks and my drums spread out on 5-10 aux channels. Choose a nice Master CST and bounce to .aif and I'm done. It sounds good to the average listener but as we all know guys like us are not the average listener. The problem is it still doesn't have that sparkle and commercial sounding quality to me. I know what you are going to say, that it takes years and years to understand how to use your tools correctly for maximum effect. I know that. I guess I'm wondering is if I should be doing basic things while mixing in the box like keeping dB's at certain levels, avoiding adding certain effects at the track level, bouncing to audio and then applying effects, basically how do you all do it when your using only VI's and mixing within Logic?

Thanks everyone,


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Posted 30 April 2008 - 12:15 AM

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