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Calling All Djm-500/600 Owners Help Pls!

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Posted 06 November 2006 - 06:15 PM

So I am a not so proud owner of a Pioneer DJM-600 DJ Mixer. I saw an add on ebay for it, these are generally expensive mixers new but used you can usually find a decent deal, well this one was $340 dollars, which obviously is a wicked good deal but the add said 2 of the channels we're broken which is why it was such a good deal, I was like "ok that's fine I only need 2 and I can have pioneer fix it for like 100 bucks or so"

well..... after a long drawn out process with the guy and the shipping the mixer is finally here, and while he said that the only thing wrong was 2 channels we're broken he was definitely wrong. here is a list of whats wrong..... (mind you I haven't even plugged it in yet)

all 4 of the plastic knobs on the upfaders are missing,
2 of the plastic eq knobs are missing,
the plastic headphone volume knob is missing,
the headphone jack looks like it fell inside the mixer,
an eq nob on the mic channel is missing,

the knobs on the effects section don't line up properly,
for instance when I turn the effect selector knob all the way to the right it should be on REC beat sampler, but the knob is facing EDIT just below the snd/rtn option.

this is the same with the channel select, turning it to the right all the way should be on master, but its on mic. this also the same with the time k now and the level depth knob.

I found all this with out even plugging in the mixer God knows what I will find when I plug it in.

any advice? 300 bucks was a good deal should I just bite the bullet and get it fixed, where can I get all those knobs at a decent price,how much do you think pioneer is gonna charge to fix the channels and the headphone jack. what do you think is wrong with my effect section, is there anything I can do with ebay to keep the mixer and maybe get some cash back?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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