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Key Commands | Most Used and Convenient

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#21 tommypiper


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Posted 10 September 2005 - 02:01 AM

Recently picked up Soundtrack Pro and Its is now my default Audio Editor.
Logic has a programable key-command to open an external audio editor, and Soundtrack Pro it is for me.
I've assigned [ apple key + U ] to open selected audio file in Soundtrack Pro.


Hi Peter,
This is interesting. What is it in Soundtrack Pro that you can't do in Logic? Are you editing loops, or actual full length tracks of audio? Are you editing stereo files? Groups of audio files? Can you select pre- and post-roll and location points and automatic play at preselected default locations?

You can see I'm looking for those same audio editing and transport controls!


#22 jontolof


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Posted 13 September 2005 - 03:29 PM

There are a few Key Commands which does not come preprogrammed. Those I come to use most are these:

set zoom 1 alt-F3
set zoom 2 alt-F4
set zoom 3 alt-F5


recall zoom 1 F3
recall zoom 2 F4
recall zoom 3 F5

This is a great feature, which lets you store the zoom settings (just like screen sets) in a window and easily recall them. It comes in handy not only in the arrange window, where a high zoom level can be essetial while editing, but also in the matrix window for instance. The cool thing is that each type of window has it's own set of zoom-saves, which is very useful if you work a lot in arrange- and matrix-windows. Check it out!

I also frequently use new audio object and align object for the environment. It helps me beeing efficient by letting me quickly expand my virtual studio when I have need for it, not otherwise.

#23 Guest_Zoual_*

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Posted 13 November 2005 - 06:26 AM

This one is convenient :
- Shift-espace will instanty make the SPL jump to the left edge of the selected region.

And i like this one, too :
- when using the scissor tool, click and hold, then slowly moving left and right will play the audio that's under the SPL ...

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Posted 10 December 2005 - 01:06 PM

My own favourite KC

*apple+option P-save as a project
*apple+option B-open loop broswer
*Next plug in, instrument or channel strip setting-option+N(as NEXT) and option+P(as PREVIOUS). Very usefull to broswe the plug ins presets.

Logic default KC

*command+A to select all the regions and shift+click to toogle select the regions you don't need.
*in the audio window- shift+U to select all the unused audio regions in the arrange window. Very usefull to clean up messy songs before save as project.
*press esc twice to switch back to the pointer tool
*floating windows- option+select any window from the windows menu
*shift click with the pencil tools an empty spot in the arrange to import a new audio file
*esc+a number(2 for the pencil tool, 3 for the eraser tool, 4 for the text tool..)
to quickly select the tool you need

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