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Midi Setup/scenario - Audio Slow Down - Help!

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Posted 24 January 2011 - 08:34 PM

Ok...this is my first post so I hope someone can help me with this.
Here is my setup
iMac 24inch..enough ram and enough hard disk space.
Logic Pro 8
M-Audio Firewire Audiophile Interface (Midi In and Out)
Roland A-90 Controller 4 Midi Outs 2 Ins 1 Thru
Korg 01W/fd - Synth Midi In Out Thru
Roland JD-800 - Synth Midi In Out Thru
Adam A7 Monitors
Soundcraft EFX 8 Mixer

Here is what I want to do.
1) Trigger software sounds off iMac plus Korg plus Roland JD 800 sounds from A-90.
2) I NEED to transfer old sequences and sound libraries from Korg 01W/fd to Logic.
3) I NEED to transfer sound libraries from Roland JD-800 to Logic.
4) I need to trigger Korg 01W/fd internal sounds from JD-800 and vice versa
5) I need to trigger the iMac software sounds from the Korg 01/Wfd, Roland JD-800 AND Roland A-90

If I get all these three things happening simultaneously without having to take a plug out and plug in here and there I would be very very happy.
I currently have the controller A-90 going OUT from A-90 to and IN Firewire
This solves the triggering for software on imac. I also have the OUT from A90 going IN to Korg 01W/fd..that solves the triggering there. I also have the OUT of A-90 going IN to JD- 800 that solves the triggering.
NOW I want to trigger the iMac software from the Korg 01W/fd and the Roland JD-800
I also NEED (very important) to transfer ..or save my Korg 01W/fd sequences and sound banks that I have created in logic..or as a file...how do I do that and can it be done going through the A-90.
Can anyone suggest the midi cable in/out/thru chain and channell setup to make this work?
I have been trying for weeks and just cant make it happen.
I can do it as individual setups but I want to be able to do all three scenarios based around my A90.
Can someone please help??..Can this be done or DO I need another midi interface??
Is there a interface out there that I need to upgrade to in order to make this happen??
Sorry that I have repeated myself here and there ..just wanted to give the grim details of this...hahah!!
Also ...one more thing. How do I take a piece of music slow it down in logic if I want to learn a keyboard solo...mainitaining the original pitch...(not taking it an octave down). Can this be done through Logic 8 pro??
Anyones help or suggestions would be vwery very much appreciated. I seem to be "fiddling" more so than making music.

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